Daily Doodle started out with a New Year's resolution. I decided that for a whole year, I would draw something, anything, every single day. It didn't matter what I was drawing, or even how finished it was, so long as it was something, and so, for a year, I drew things. I got my ideas from suggestions from friends and commenters, from what happened that day, or just random ideas I stumbled upon.

I managed to finish the year without missing a single day! I still update now and then, though not daily. It's become basically my art blog for sketches, doodles, or more completed pieces. I'm working on some comic ideas and will hopefully be able to create a webcomic sometime soon

And who am I? Teh-Lady-Randomness, Lady, but my name's Eri Kawakami. I'm currently at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Sequential Art. If you want to contact me, send me a PM on ComicFury, or you can email me at Eri.Kawakami@yahoo.com
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